ITC Summons SCAM

There is the ITC summons/Telkom directory scam that has been running since at least 2015 and they have nothing to do with ITC Credit Bureau besides tarnishing our name. Please refer to the links below for more information. The good news is that you are not listed with ITC as this is a scam. If you are being harassed by these fraudsters the best course of action is to block their calls and emails and ignore any communications from them. If you have paid them any money you can lay a criminal charge at your nearest police station if you want to prosecute. The director of the company is Viveka Naidoo according to CIPC records. The Council of Debt Collectors have already taken them to court, and they are no longer a registered debt collector. They continue to operate illegally with no regard for the law.

Links to articles about the scam with more detail:

Links to the credit bureaus sites where you can pull a free credit report once a year and check your credit report:

Feel free to contact ITC Credit Bureau on if you have any queries. 

Below is an example of the Contract that has been ruled to be Illegal.

Letters like the one below is often sent out as a scare tactic using various collections companies. The one used below is Ubungane Legal Collections. This notice can be ignored.

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