ITC Credit Bureau is the new Tier 1 Credit Bureau After Securing SACCRA Data

ITC Credit Bureau (ITC) has secured access to the South African Credit and Risk Reporting Association (SACRRA) data after a successful testing period, and now operates as a Tier 1 credit bureau.  ITC is one of only six tier 1 credit bureaus in South Africa and is a full member of SACCRA and the Credit Bureau Association (CBA).

SACRRA is an industry association of qualifying companies who share credit and risk payment performance data about their customers with bureau members.

“ITC Credit Bureau understands the importance of the right information and data in making informed credit risk decisions for your business. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible information, analysis, and support services to make smart decisions that make credit accessible, prevent fraud and reckless lending and encourage financial responsibility. The SACCRA data is the richest database of credit and risk information in the country, updated every month with a growing 55 million records,” explains Herman Putter, CEO of ITC Credit Bureau.

ITC’s range of services currently include batch tracing solutions, data enrichment, analytics and fraud solutions among others, with a pipeline of additional services launching in the coming months.

“We’re able to assist our clients with acquisition campaigns to get the right customers, scoring solutions that help predict customer credit behaviour and probability of default, rating of credit books and improvement of contact ability, tracing, and ability to pay, as well as staff training in credit score development for the business, fraud detection and prevention by verify identities and analysing relationships between various entities, data and analytics consulting and account verification services,” concludes Putter. 

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