Identity Theft

How to secure your personal data

69% of people fear for the safety of their data

What is this data?

  • Logins & passwords for online accounts
  • Personal photos & videos
  • Resume
  • Financial Credentials
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Geo-location data
  • Address book
  • Phone number
  • Passport number & ID number
  • Home address
  • 91% of users with connected devices bank online
  • 87% of people use social networks
  • 65% of people store personal photos & videos on their tablets
  • 25% of people store passwords to personal accounts (email, social networks, etc.) on mobile devices

What do criminals do with this data?

  • Scam your contacts (phone number & personal data on relatives)
  • Hack your device (theft of personal photos, videos & messages, blackmailing)
  • Steal money (credentials for financial accounts & phone number)
  • Burglary, car theft (location, vehicle registration number & home address)
  • Insurance & bank loan fraud (passport number & ID number)

How to protect yourself and your family from personal data hunters

  • Maintain an air of mystery: don’t share too much about yourself in public
  • Be a cautious parent: prevent your children from sharing sensitive data with their friends online
  • Become an advanced user: a proven multi-device protection solution will keep your personal data secure on all your devices
  • Use 2FA(Two Factor Authentication) on all websites that allow it

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