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Based on cutting edge technology, a wide source of high-quality data and key insights, we empower our clients to make the best credit decisions. We aim to make credit accessible, prevent fraud and reckless lending and encourage financial responsibility.

As data specialists, we source and crunch the right data to help deliver intelligent insights and analytics into both your business and for your customers.  We help our clients with the flow, centralisation, segmentation and strategy surrounding the data environment, which breaks down the internal silos and allows for the most effective use of data and analytics to drive and support business strategy. 

We believe in relationships and staying true to our clients. We know everyone is different and pride ourselves in finding solutions that work for you and your business.

Our Leadership Team

Herman Putter


Herman has a passion for problem solving and helping people.  He has extensive experience in data analytics and started his career at Ernst & Young in the nineties doing CAATS (Computer aided audit techniques). He has over 25 years’ experience collecting and analysing data using a multitude of software tools. As an IT data analytics and fraud specialist, he has been called on as an expert witness and has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. Herman has served in leadership roles at various companies over the last 15 years and has extensive knowledge in the IT field, notably in the financial services, credit bureau and telecommunications sectors.

Herman has worked in the development, analytics and forensic audit environments for private companies across most industries as well as most government departments interacting with junior staff all the way up to CEO’s, Premiers and Ministers. Herman is a passionate lifelong learner and has shared his knowledge by lecturing part-time to MBA students at the WITS Graduate School of Business in the field of IT. 

In addition to his vast analytics experience, Herman has used Encase (used by the FBI) for recovery of data, cloning of drives and finding evidence during forensic investigations. He holds a four-year IT qualification from the University of South Africa, is a qualified Certified Fraud Examiner and has several SAS certifications in South Africa and Dubai, and a SQL Sybase certification obtained in New Zealand. He has also written billing and fraud software solutions for multinational companies.

Since 2010 he has been working in the financial space and focusing on data used by all the major credit bureaus in the country. As a data expert Herman has focused on helping clients centralising, enriching and utilising their own data more efficiently and finding solutions.

Alexander Veale

Data Scientist

Alex is a qualified mechanical engineer (University of Pretoria), but decided to transition to data science, because of his love for coding and his natural aptitude for breaking down big problems into small logical steps to achieve a desired goal. He focuses on everything data and modelling at the bureau. He has a solid understanding of data engineering, statistical analytics, data modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence in general. He loves finding new ways to provide creative solutions using data. Alex has a knack for discovering patterns in data and the insight to interpret, organize and structure the data to deliver insights in an understandable way. Combining his knowledge of the physical world gained from studying engineering with his knowledge of the digital world gives him a unique perspective when he tackles any challenge. As a highly skilled, motivated, and diligent individual Alex is an integral part of the team.

Lizelle Bezuidenhout

Independent Consultant

Lizelle has over 20 years’ experience with advanced data analytics and model development focused mainly on the credit (bank, retail and cellular), collection and marketing sectors.  She started her career in credit as a scorecard developer and later moved to a big four bank where she was the Senior Scorecard developer and manager. She has deep statistical and analytics experience in designing and producing credit data analysis and reporting.

Her consulting experience includes development, monitoring and review of credit scoring models across the credit life cycle. Lizelle worked on affordability and pricing models for SMEs as well as various credit bureau data requirements, interfaces and strategies with a view to optimise the use of credit bureau data and scores.  Lizelle holds a BSc.(Mathematical Science) from the University of Johannesburg.

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